Victim Help Line

Victim Help Line

Victim struggles with physical, emotional, social and legal challenges. Immediate after offense interacting with police, Public Prosecutor, Judge add on to trauma of victim and dependent. Victim solely with little information or guidance confront with his inner turmoil, justice delivery system and society. Ignorance about justice delivery system and lack of restorative support services (either from Government or NGOs) lead to further victimisation of victim.

In such situation the victim and dependents need information, guidance to make proper and informed decision to handle difficulties post incident of crime and live impact-free life. Many victims need only information and guidance whereas some need actual outreach services.

Therefore DISHA started a telephone helpline called Victim Helpline (Phone No. 7666102103). It is free, informative and outreach service for needy victims in Amravati district of Maharashtra.

Based in Amravati district, it helps needy victim by answering queries, giving information for smooth navigation in Criminal Justice System, helping to handle trauma and difficulties post-crime, socio-legal guidance, support services for restoration through networking with government and nongovernment organisation.

This helpline is purely established to inform, help and assist needy crime victim to live dignified, equal and just life.