DISHA has focused on restoration of victims of violent crimes viz. Homicide, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. For that DISHA has segmented its work into Crime Prevention (Pre-crime intervention) and Post Crime Intervention.

Pre-Crime Intervention

On preventive level, DISHA reaches various sections of society like children, parents, teachers, youth, Police personnel, Judiciary officers and vulnerable sections of society. DISHA conducts need based awareness sessions for them.

DISHA has acknowledged and used ‘Right to Education’ as a tool to prevent children in crime prone areas from becoming drop outs and then becoming either victim or criminal in violent crimes.

While training sessions of police personnel and judiciary officers and other stakeholders helps in improving the services given to victims, and empowers these stakeholders to use legal tools in providing effective services to victims.

Post Crime Intervention

On post crime level DISHA conducts NEED assessment of Victim and his/her family. Then based on the needs DISHA provides services such as

  • Legal guidance.
  • Socio-legal counselling.
  • Guidance about government schemes that would help in restoration.
  • Educational support.
  • Referrals to different service providing agencies.

For Post Crime intervention, DISHA reaches victims through its Help-Desk, Victim Helpline, data collected from Police stations, or referrals.

Policy Advocacy through Public Interest Litigation

DISHA filed a Public Interest Litigation for drafting and implementation of ‘Victim Compensation Scheme’ (Section 357 A, The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973). DISHA took rigorous follow up for drafting the scheme.