Pre Crime Intervention

Pre-Crime Intervention

Crime prevention is the attempt to reduce crime and criminals. DISHA is involved in capacity building of police, judicial officer, public prosecutor, District Legal Services Authorities, TANTA MUKTA SAMITI, DAKSHATA SAMITI to emphasise the need of right and restoration of victim, and crime prevention at community level.

Strengthening Village or community level bodies for Crime Prevention

DISHA organises meetings and trainings to create awareness, strengthen community/village level bodies and maintain law. The work with POLICE PATIL, TANTA MUKTA SAMITI, DAKSHATA SAMITI along with police station is strengthening village /community level protective mechanism to keep vigilance on potential victims and work for crime prevention. POLICE PATIL, TANTA MUKTA SAMITI identifies potential victim or people in risk and tries to redress their vulnerabilities through support services in collaboration with DISHA.

Awareness at school, colleges, community/ village level

DISHA has studied the crime statistic (source: office of superintendent of police, Amravati) to identify the high risk areas under police station, villages and the nature of offence. Based on these findings DISHA organises school level awareness programmes for children, parents and teachers to enhance child safety and combat crime against children. Our work experience from last 2 years shown increase in involvement of adolescent group in relationship violence or economic or theft offences. Hence DISHA is organising sensitisation programmes ‘TARUNYACHYA UMBARTHYAVAR” for adolescent college students to effectively handle change, choices and challenges at this crucial stage of life. At community and village level various ‘Sensitisation programmes’ are organised to focus the ‘Public Safety and Crime Prevention’ at large.

IEC Material

Our field experience reveals that crime is ultimate result of constant tussle between offender and victim. If given proper information, opportunity and intervention crime or exploitation could have prevented. Many of the victim and their families stated to be ‘Silent sufferer’ as they were unaware about the right information, way to address their concern or fear of being stigmatised. Hence DISHA develops IEC (Informative, Educative, and Communicative) material on victim’s rights and restoration, on women and children related Acts, Helpline and available support services for people in risk. These IEC materials have been displayed at police station, outside court premises, POLICE PATIL or office of GRAMPANCHAYAT. We have been receiving direct phone calls from community for information and help by giving reference of this IEC material.