Training & Workshops

Training & Workshop

DISHA conducts training programs for police, judicial officers, lawyers and TANTA MUKTA SAMITI to ensure better service delivery to victim/families and emphasis need of victim’s rehabilitation through proper implementation of some path-breaking victim oriented laws. Hence so far the topics of training & workshops have been:

                        1. Victim’s Right and Restoration

                        2. Juvenile Justice Act

                        3. Prevention of  Children from Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO)

                        4. Domestic Violence Act

                        5. Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace

                        6. Manodhairya  Yojana

                        7. Victim Compensation Scheme (357A CrPC)

Training of Police personnel

Police system is the first machinery to interact with complainant and victims. The current challenges, complexities, unawareness about available Acts, support services, workload of police department, lack of information about victim’s issues and handling result in insensitive and mechanical handling of victims of crime. As a result the victim’s sufferings, their human rights and needs to overcome the consequences of crime are ignored right from the first place in present justice delivery system.

Hence DISHA started conducting trainings of Police personnel and with experience found that trained, informed police personnel handle victim (both major and minor) sensitively, make use of ‘victim oriented acts and provisions effectively, refer them for Government or Non-Governmental support services. This initiative in few cases has resulted in increased support, participation of victim in investigation process; reduced fear or pressure of offender on victim, reduced tussle between victim and offender families and increased sense of respect towards police department and criminal justice system.

We reached to 2338 Police officers through training

Training of Judiciary officers

In compliance of Public Interest Litigation on ‘Victim Compensation Scheme’ Maharashtra Legal Services Authority, Mumbai High Court stated that even after the insertion of scheme, they have not received any recommendation for the rehabilitation of the victim from lower court. Similarly the police station in charge has also given important role to play in ‘Victim Compensation Scheme’. But alike lower court they are also not aware about it. Hence DISHA in collaboration with District Legal Services Authority, Office of Superintendent of Police started to conduct awareness and sensitization programme on ‘Victim’s Right and Restoration’ for judicial officer, lawyers and police personnel respectively. These trainings and workshops due to its significance are replicated in other district of Maharashtra.

High Court Legal Services Sub Committee Nagpur Bench of Mumbai High Court resolved that sensitization programme should be organized at District level by the Principal District Judges, and Supt. Of Police in their respective areas.