Enlisting rights of victim of crime in the constitution of India and make ' Rehabilitative Plan for victim' as part of the judgement in the court of law

Rehabilitation to the victim of crime

Crime is a crisis for the victims and the organization provides psychological, social and legal help to enable victims to live a just and dignified life.

Responsive Criminal Justice System

DISHA helps the stakeholders in the criminal justice system to ensure that everyone who comes under the criminal justice system, whether they are a victim or a common man, gets fair & respectful treatment while receiving justice

Crime Awareness and Prevention

Due to ignorance, lack of information and neglect, many people continue to suffer to violence. With the right information and help, crime can be prevented and even if it happens, immediate help can be sought from the system

  • Reaching out to victims

Meet our team

The people that give direction to Disha

Pravin Khandpasole


In Amravati district, his career in social work started from rural development. He then undertook the task of rehabilitating the prisoners. Considering the need and un-availability of social work initiatives in this field in rural areas he continued to do this work for about seven years.

Jyoti Khandpasole


She began her career working for the rehabilitation of prisoners in 2006. She then gained experience in research and activities in the criminal justice system at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences as research officer. She later worked for 10 years as a project manager in the Tata Institute's ‘Resource Cell for Juvenile Justice’ for rehabilitation of children in conflict with law.

Our Collaborators


कॉम्पशन फटिग (Compassion Fatigue)

प्रविण खांडपासोळे संचालक, दिशा संस्था                                                                                                        ९७६६६९८४९६ मला सामाजिक क्षेत्रात काम करण्यास या महिन्यात २० वर्षे पूर्ण होईल. या दोन दशकामध्ये माझ्यामध्ये जे बदल झाले त्याचे अवलोकन करताना त्याची कारणमीमांसा करणे गरजेचे वाटते. बरेचदा आपण निवडलेले Read more…

मलीमथ समिती अहवाल – पिडीतांसाठी आशेची चाहूल

आज समाजातील पिडीताची अवस्था बघता मोठ्या प्रमाणात लोकांचा विश्वास न्याय्व्याव्स्थेवरून कमी झाल्यासारखा वाटत आहे त्यामुळेच घटनात्मक पद्धतीने मिळणाऱ्या न्यायापेक्षा न्यायदानातील प्रक्रिया डावलून मिळालेला न्याय लोकांना जास्त आकर्षित करतो. त्याचमुळे हैदराबाद केसमध्ये पिडीताला न्याय देण्याचा केविलवाणा Read more…


Crime prevention is the attempt to reduce crime and criminals. DISHA is involved in capacity building of police, judicial officer, public prosecutor, District Legal Services Authorities, TANTA MUKTA SAMITI, DAKSHATA SAMITI to emphasise the need of right and Read more…

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