Crime prevention is the attempt to reduce crime and criminals. DISHA is involved in capacity building of police, judicial officer, public prosecutor, District Legal Services Authorities, TANTA MUKTA SAMITI, DAKSHATA SAMITI to emphasise the need of right and restoration of victim, and crime prevention at community level.

Strengthening Village or community level bodies for Crime Prevention

DISHA organises meetings and trainings to create awareness, strengthen community/village level bodies and maintain law. The work with POLICE PATIL, TANTA MUKTA SAMITI, DAKSHATA SAMITI along with police station is strengthening village /community level protective mechanism to keep vigilance on potential victims and work for crime prevention. POLICE PATIL, TANTA MUKTA SAMITI identifies potential victim or people in risk and tries to redress their vulnerabilities through support services in collaboration with DISHA.

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