Our Team

Jyoti began her career working for the rehabilitation of prisoners in 2006. She then gained experience in research and activities in the criminal justice system at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences as research officer. She later worked for 10 years as a project manager in the Tata Institute’s ‘Resource Cell for Juvenile Justice’ for rehabilitation of children in conflict with law. During this time, her experience with children, their families, the Juvenile Justice Board, the police, lawyers, and the judiciary grew and she excelled in training, research, creative and challenging work. As the co-founder of DISHA, she was contributing in policy work of DISHA and from 2019; she completely devoted herself to the work of DISHA. 

Pravin, in Amravati district, started his career in social work started from rural development. He then undertook the task of rehabilitating the prisoners. Considering the need and un-availability of social work initiatives in this field in rural areas he continued to do this work for about seven years. He became proficient in it and also earned a master’s degree in social work. But while doing this, he was left distraught by the plight of the victim. He then listened to his inner voice and undertook the rehabilitation work of the victim when no funds were available. He continued to do this work sincerely and in just 5 years he brought the Victim Compensation Scheme into existence in Maharashtra. He was awarded the world-famous Ashoka Fellowship for his work. Pravin has been leading DISHA as a director since its inception. 

Manish is a master in social work and has 14 years of experience in this field. His career also began with the rehabilitation of prisoners. He then worked at the Tata Institute’s Urban Planning Project. He then worked under the guidance of the organization for the right to education of children, the right of residence of Urban Poor. From 2014 till now, he has been managing the organization’s victim rehabilitation project in Amravati district. In connection with this work, he has achieved mastery in work with Police, Police Patil, DLSA, CWC and Victim. At the district level, he created the identity of DISHA as a devoted organization.

Sarika, despite her master’s in social work, started working as a volunteer for a very low salary with DISHA. She accepted responsibility for all home visits and soon became proficient in doing social case work with victims and their families. She easily connects with the victim due to her understanding and calm nature. She has been working as a social worker in the organization since 2014.

Yogesh is a master’s in social work and has been working in the organization since 2017. He has done a good job of reaching out to the most needy and poor victims in Yavatmal. At the same time, he established good networks with the police, CWC, DLSA, and other NGOs which helped the victim a lot. Because of his continuous follow up, many needy victims were awarded compensation for rehabilitation.  

Varsha is a master’s in social work and has been working in the organization since 2017 and specializes in Victim’s Social Case Work. She engages the victims in rehabilitation by easily acquiring their trust due to her vocal skills. This is why she gets good response from children in awareness sessions.

Radhika is a master’s in social work and has been working with the project of Mobile Help Desk since 2017. Due to her studious nature, she studied laws, provisions, and victim supporting mechanisms and started using it in guiding victims and their families on the help desk. This strengthened the faith of the victims and the police in the help desk project.

Yogesh is a master’s in social work and has been working in the project of Mobile Help Desk since 2017. He has built a network of police in every police station because of his friendly nature. Under this work, he introduced the organization to every police station, every police patil in Amravati district.

Ramesh joined the Help Desk project as a driver in 2017 but soon started helping with other small and large tasks in DISHA. Such as collecting items required for mobile help desk, organizing books in office, handling logistics during awareness program and maintaining vehicle safety. As a middle-aged senior worker, he often gives affectionate advice to the team.

Kalpesh joined DISHA in 2016 as an office assistant. Having a commerce background, he started learning NGO’s accounting from an expert accountant. And now he manages the accounting and other administrative work in DISHA.