What we DO

DISHA was founded with prior realization that the current Indian Criminal Justice System lacks in addressing the plights and rehabilitative rights of the victim. Though the criminal justice system is centuries old, it is only in 2008 that the word ‘Victim’ was first defined in the CrPC. Till then there was no definition and mention of ‘victim’, and ‘victim rights’, so no question of its implementation. Sadly this ignorance further deteriorates victim’s life post the crime incidence; as they deprive from rights and support that is needed in their struggle of restoring back to a ‘normal’ life.

DISHA was thus founded to work on this issue and bring about paradigm shift and awareness on role of individuals, communities and system stakeholders in crime prevention and maintaining safety, and at the same time creating victim restorative space in society and making criminal justice system more responsive towards victim restoration.

To bring this dream into reality, DISHA maintains holistic approach by simultaneously working with victims/people affected with violence, the criminal justice system, community / society and government on multiple fronts such as direct field intervention, sensitization & capacity building, awareness & training, research and policy advocacy with emphasis on networking and collaboration, all basically segmented into ‘Crime Prevention & Awareness’ and ‘Victim Assistance’ programme.

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