Who we are

Equality in Access to Justice is the vision of DISHA NGO that works for rights and restoration of crime victim in Maharashtra.

For us, who we are, is greatly defined by who we work with – the crime victim! Crime victim is invisible entity in the Indian Criminal Justice System, that gets bare minimum services/ assistance and is expected to silently accept ‘Justice’ done by the system. This ‘Justice’ offered (often late) fails to heal the harm suffered by the victim. This deprives the victim from an opportunity to rise up above the victimization and attain a crime-impact-free life.

And we at DISHA, are a group of vision driven social change-makers, striving to change this picture and bring in reality a better, righteous victim supportive space in system and society that holds victim rehabilitation.

For this, DISHA works with victims, system and community to prevent crime, restore victim and create more responsive criminal justice system. Our ‘Victim Assistance’ programme caters to victim of violent crimes (Homicide, Domestic Violence and Sexual assault), families, communities and police system.

Whereas to create more responsive criminal justice system for victim, DISHA is empowering police, public prosecutors and trial courts through Training and Capacity Building initiatives. DISHA is building network of schools, colleges, communities, NGOs to create Safe Society and act as pressure group to recognize and enlist rights of crime victim in the Constitution of India and make ‘Victim Assistance Plan’ as part of Judgment of the court.

With our policy advocacy leading to formation of Maharashtra Victim Compensation Scheme -2014, DISHA have enabled families of murder victim, acid attack and permanently disabled victim across Maharashtra to receive compensation up to Rs 2 Lakhs through the scheme. While through victim assistance, training and advocacy work DISHA has helped around 25,100 individuals to help victim to access equal justice and restore dignity.

Our Vision

Equal & Just Society for all with equal access to Justice

Our Values

  • Non Partisan
  • Respect
  • Empathy
  • Tenacious
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Excellence
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