Dry Ration Kit Distribution –  A small initiative of DISHA to serve the most vulnerable among us to fight against COVID-2019 in second phase

Anita (Name Changed) is a 58-year-old widow from Mayanagar, Amravati. She had two children, one of whom was mentally challenged and the other died in murder in the year 2018. Her son was a rickshaw driver. One day his rickshaw hit the accused and the accused stabbed him to death in that altercation. Anita has been running the house ever since and has been suffering from elephantiasis for the past year.  

DISHA the team helped Anita to file an application for compensation under Maharashtra Victim Compensation Scheme in October 2019. But Anita could not even collect the documents asked by the District Legal Services Authorities required to get benefit of the scheme.  

A daily-wage laborer, she has no other source of income, so she has been forced to be at home without food during the first lockdown in 2020. Although the government declared to provide food grains on ration shop, Anita had not been given the ration. Anita went to the ration shop two to three times but the shopkeeper refused to give her food grains. Eventually frustrated, Anita called DISHA for help. We provided her with a dry ration kit for three months. Attempts were also made to find out why the shop owner refused to give her ration, but the shop owner did not respond to us over the phone. This issue of hoarding of ration was raised before the Superintendent of Police Amravati and he assured to find a way.