DISHA believes that rehabilitation of victims is the collective responsibility of the society. The society is made up of corporate, government sector, development sector, educational institutions and other large social groups that are constantly engaged in social interaction in the shared local and social spheres subject to their political rights and cultural expectations. Every element of the society can make a significant contribution to the rehabilitation of the victim for which DISHA acts as a bridge between the two vital elements and connects the needy person with the resources to bring about this rehabilitation. If you are a corporate, government, NGO, educational institution or anyone else and would like to contribute to the rehabilitation of the victim, please contact DISHA. Read below for more information:


DISHA has maintained effective and enriching partnerships with local and international corporations who have collaborated with DISHA’s programs to help victims live a life of justice and dignity. If your company is interested in helping these vulnerable victims through DISHA, you can offer them educational sponsorship, seed money for livelihood, potential support programs or volunteering, please contact us at:

We have had a mutually enriching experience interacting with the corporate sector at DISHA. 

In addition to the rehabilitation of the victims, DISHA had initially started the ‘AAMACHI SHALA’ project for the bright future of the children studying in government schools in Amravati. The project received valuable support from Cognizant Technology Solutions, Pune for one year. Also, their workers volunteer in the project. DISHA is still working with the children attending government school in Amravati due to the initial trust placed in it by the Cognizant.  

An important contribution of DISHA is the ‘DISHA Helpline for Crime Victims’ launched in 2014 with the help of e-Zest Solutions Limited, Maharashtra. The High Court also felt the need for a telephone helpline for the victims and Hon’ble Justice Shir B. R. Gavai (then Judge of Mumbai High Court, Nagpur Bench and now Judge, Supreme Court) inaugurated it in presence of the Special IGP Shri Bipin Bihari, Amravati range and other guests. 


The state is a major institution for the protection of the rights of the vulnerable and underdeveloped section of the society. DISHA work closely with government agencies at various levels and provide a large number of best practices and success stories to get into the mainstream. It provides collaborative responsibilities, capacity building programs, research and documentation, consultation, sensitivity building and training. If you are a member of the government and would like to collaborate, please contact:

NGOs (Non-profit)

DISHA is a learning NGO and constantly providing guidance and capacity building support to non-profit organizations working in the area of children protection and with people connected to the Criminal Justice System. DISHA’s directors have been trained in ‘Development Management’ from world class management school, S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai. DISHA helps motivated people to establish non- profit organization, take up research studies or work on policy advocacy. If you or your organization would like to explore this opportunity, please contact:

Organize Event


If you are a member of a group, an organization, an institution anywhere in Maharashtra and you are planning to organize an event on juvenile justice, child sexual abuse, violence against women or the elderly or rehabilitation & compensation of victims, please contact