DISHA works for its vision of access to justice with two major programs:

  1. Victim Assistance / Rehabilitation
  2. Crime Prevention and Awareness

However since our work is significantly aligned with UN declaration of Victims’ rights, we segment our work further under the UN framework as follows:

Victim Assistance Program

  • Access to Justice and Fair Treatment: Under this component, we help the victim to access justice and rights by providing them active listening and fair treatment in our interaction with the victim and help them to make informed decisions in the criminal justice system, by empowering them with Socio-legal guidance through our outreach activities.

Help-desk at Police station

DISHA Helpline.

Rehabilitation of Victim/community referral

Creating responsive Criminal Justice System

  • Assistance: The UN component stresses on the provision of necessary material, medical, psychological and social assistance for holistic rehabilitation of the victim. DISHA, with its field experience, could identify some specific needs of this population that needs to be served under this theme and came up with following services, that we provide through long term casework with the victims.

Individual and Family counseling

Educational and vocational support

Legal Aid

Support for livelihood opportunities

Family Support Services (emergency aid, medical aid)

Support Group for group healing

  • Compensation: Compensation is a significant victim right that is taken cognizance by the system as well. With DISHA’s policy advocacy, we succeeded information of Maharashtra Victim Compensation Scheme with the budgetary provision, besides there are other compensation schemes as well, like Manodhairya Yojana and Compensation Scheme for women victim/survivors 2018, and we are working for better implementation of these schemes.

Mapping of implementation of compensation schemes across Maharashtra

Crime Prevention and Awareness

Right from the start we believed that equal proportion of efforts should be given on crime prevention. So we designed some sensitization and awareness programs dedicated to specific populations like children, adolescents & youth, women, educational institutions and communities at large. We also formed a DISHA community center in a risk zone of Amravati to ensure protection of children and crime prevention in that area and also engaging the children in constructive activities. The formation of this center was hugely possible due to support from individual donors and volunteers, and it has sustained 7 years!