Family Support Services (emergency aid, medical aid)

Crime incidence comes as an unexpected shock to victim and can leave behind number of crisis situations in victim’s life. In case of sexual assault and physical assaults the victim might need emergency medical treatment which mostly is not available at their remote local places.

Sometimes victim family cannot afford the medical tests, medication, surgeries and other such treatments that are beyond ‘Medical Examination’ and collecting funds for this on urgent basis becomes impossible for them.

Sometimes the economic state of the victim family is so poor that after loss of their family member, they don’t have money for the funeral and find it difficult to make both ends meet every day. Sometimes in case of sexual exploitation, the teen age mother delivers the baby but the family has no enough funds or refuses to care for the nutrition and health of the baby and the mother. These emergency needs such as medical fees, funeral expenses, emergency travelling of victims, in some extreme cases even the basic needs like grocery, water & electricity bills need to be met with urgent financial support to prevent further victimization of victim.

DISHA to reduce impact of crime, financial burden, and potential threat of entrance of victim/ victim familyinto illegal / antisocial business and crime for survival and to enhance their safety, we provide Family support services at crucial times which include medical assistance, andfinancial aid, for emergency expenses such as:

  • Clothes, grocery, urgent important needs
  • Supportive equipment to physically disabled
  • Medical aid
  • Consultant fees for services (Psychiatrist, Gynecologist and other experts )
  • Logistic arrangement and travelling expenses in some needy cases

These small amounts are provided for emergency needs of most needy after due scrutiny and make big difference in life of victim/family.

In some cases some genuine needs also arise after long time; even in those cases this support is provided. This service reduces the impact of crime on victims as their most of crisis situation come under control with this support and help them to think for future.