DISHA has observed that financial stability makes the strongest pillar to support victim rehabilitation. With availability of finances victim families are mostly able to access support and services and even the impact of crime is reduced to a greater extent as there is no financial crisis. In fact many of the challenges and problems occurring post crime arise due to poor financial condition or financial crisis. And this financial crisis occurs either due to loss of the earning member, loss of livelihood, or poor income due to lack of education and vocational skills. In majority of cases, after demise of the sole earner of the family, the dependents find it super difficult to find new source of income. This makes them more vulnerable to exploitation or entrance in illegal business as well, or they may experience abandonment by their relatives for being financially dependent on them. Basically the low income generating capacity has its own implication on the development and problem resolving capacity of the family which again leads to marginalization.

This vicious cycle can be stopped by building capacities of victim/dependents to find better livelihood opportunities, sometimes with skill development.

Identifying this need DISHA provides support to the members of the victim family to avail a new livelihood in the form of microenterprises of their choice, small shops, etc. DISHA provides support in the form of seed-money, connecting them to government’s livelihood related schemes etc. we also provide some trainings of production and marketing, and assist the interested victims in finding right vocational courses and institutes that will help them in getting livelihood opportunities and become self-reliant.