Crime is crisis for victim and its consequences intensify with gender, literacy, socio-economic and cultural status in society. Also the intensity as well as the duration of victimization is affected by how accessible is the legal system and its information to the victim.  Many a times victim alone handles his inner turmoil, justice delivery system and society with very little information. Also many victims become silent sufferers due to either unawareness of system or the associated stigma and misguidance by the local people. This leads to further victimization of victim.

Inauguration Of Helpline

To prevent this cycle of victimization, victim and dependents need information, guidance to make proper and informed decision post crime and need based support services to live impact-free life. 

Therefore DISHA started a 24 hours telephone helpline (Phone No. 7666102103) to provide free information, socio-legal guidance and referral services to needy and poor people interfacing with criminal justice system.

In 2014 this helpline was inaugurated by the hands of hon’ble Justice BhushanGawai, then Spl Inspector General of Police, ShriBipinBihari, Superintendent of Amravati Police – Mr. Veeresh Prabhu IPS, and many other dignitaries from the Criminal Justice System. 

Inaugural Speech by Hon’ble Justice Bhushan Gawai

This telephone helpline was initiated to support victims of crime and people in risk crossing several barriers such as their geographical distance, fear of violation of confidentiality andstigmatization in society, fear of harm if stepped out to complainby the offender, and many more. Besides, many stakeholders of the criminal justice system such as police take help for legal guidance while working in complex and sensitive cases. This activity till now runs on individual donations and has received around 587 calls since inception to seek support to break vicious cycle of crime.