DISHA started rehabilitating the victims from 2009. But the real significance of this work began to be felt in December 2012 after the Nirbhaya case. The Tata Trust supported DISHA in starting this work in rural and tribal districts in Maharashtra. In collaboration with Tata Trust, DISHA succeeded in bringing a victim compensation scheme in Maharashtra. Under this scheme, victims of murder, permanent disability and acid attack are assisted with compensation up to 2 lakh for rehabilitation.

DISHA is committed to providing equal justice to the victims and it is important for the victims to be aware and informed to get justice. With this in mind, the organization initially started a help desk for the victims at a police station in Amravati. Considering the need for this work, the Superintendent of Police gave permission to start such help desks in 31 police stations. The Forbes Marshall Foundation was instrumental in scaling this innovative work at the 31st Police Station in Amravati district. 

The Mariwala Health Initiative (MHI) is a funding organization for innovative mental health initiatives, with an emphasis on access to mental health for marginalized individuals and communities. MHI is concerned with advocacy, capacity building, law and policy, human rights, research and lived experience. MHI believes in a multifaceted and intersecting approach to mental health care. MHI has recently (Jun 2020) joined hands with DISHA to rehabilitate victims of violent crimes in Amravati, Yavatmal and Nagpur districts of Maharashtra.

The DISHA’s work was initially run for five years by small to large individual donors who never wanted to come into the limelight. These individual donors helped the organization to run very important but not funded projects. This led to the establishment of a ‘community center’ for vulnerable children and is now considered an independent project of DISHA. Individual donors are the real contributors to the DISHA’s progress to date.